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Welcome to our Shop!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Nimbly Dancewear Store

  • Shoes, leotards, tights and more

  • You will be able to shop our online DANCEWEAR and place orders at any time throughout the season (no more waiting for us to place a bulk order)! 

  • AND - orders will be shipped directly to your home!

  • We can size your child at the studio for shoes or you can use the suggested sizing provided on the new online store.

  • Exchanges & Returns will be handled directly through Nimbly (the online store).  Click here to view Nimbly's Exchange/Return Policy.

If items you need are out of stock on Nimbly, you can try looking here:


CUSTOM Studio Merchandise ​/ Logowear

1. Next order will be in fall of 2022

2. The studio will place 1 bulk order for all of your pre-orders.  As soon as your items are ready for studio pickup, we will let you know.

3. Our goal is to have items before the holidays, but shipping delays could result in later arrival.

4. Custom merch items cannot be returned or exchanged.

5. We are planning to have some of these items available again after the holidays.

Custom Merch
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