Recital 2021

Date: June 19, 2021

Venue: Providence Creek Academy Auditorium

273 Duck Creek Road

Clayton, DE 19938

Copy of Spring Recital.png
Recital Admission (Wristbands)

Admission: $15 per person, per show time

*** Please read wristband details before purchasing! ***
(Wristband sales will CLOSE at 11:59pm on June 15th and will not be available for purchase at the door.)
  • Max number of tickets per show time, per dance family
    • ​Morning Recital: 3
    • Afternoon Recital: 3
    • Evening Recital: 2
  • Please do not purchase more than the max number allowed. Wristbands over the maximum amount will not be honored.
  • ​Wristbands must be purchased in advance this season due to limited number of attendees and will only be sold ONLINE
  • ​Only purchase wristbands for the recital your dancer is in
  • Dancers participating in any of our recitals DO NOT require a wristband.
  • Anyone sitting in the audience during any show time requires a wristband for that specific show time.  Bands cannot be shared or used to attend more than 1 show time.   
  • Each recital show time is assigned a specific color wristband.  The correct color wristband is required for admission to each show.
  • Dancers who have siblings dancing in another show will be given a wristband (free of charge) to sit in the audience and watch, however they will count towards your attendee number for each show. This band can only be used by dancers.
  • We do not charge for children under 3 years old to attend the recital, unless they will be occupying their own seat. However, they would count towards your attendee number for each show. We also ask that you consider our dancers and other audience members when bringing young children to watch, and if they become loud, distressed or disturb any other audience members, to please take them outside to let off a bit of steam before returning to enjoy the rest of the show.
  • Last day to purchase wristbands is June 15.
  • Wristbands must be picked up at DRESS REHEARSAL 6/17. (Bring your order confirmation)
If you have any questions about wristbands, please email us at prior to placing your order.


Q: How do I purchase recital wristbands?
A: Wristbands must be purchased online starting 5/31.

Q: Is there a limit of how many wristbands I can buy?
A: Yes - see the section above for those specific numbers.


Q: When will my wristband order be ready for pickup?
A: At DRESS REHEARSAL - please bring your order confirmation with you.

Q: Can wristbands be returned or exchanged?
A: No, all sales are final.

Q: What if I lose a wristband before the show?
A: You would need to purchase another wristband to gain entry into the show.

Q: Do I need to purchase admission for my dancer?
A: No, they are the performers!

Q: Is there assigned seating?
A: No, seating is first come, first served. There will be no reserved seating prior to any show.

Q: I have children dancing in more than 1 “recital.” Do I have to purchase wristbands for each?
A: Yes, however we sent you additional details about this via email on 5/28.


Q: Should I purchase wristbands for my extended family/friends?
A: Yes, they will not be able to come to the studio to pick them up, so you should order all the wristbands you need, pick them up at dress rehearsal and distribute to your attendees.

Q: Do I have to attend dress rehearsal?
A: YES! It is VERY important to be at dress rehearsal.

Q: Do I have to wear makeup?
A: Yes! The stage lights totally wash out the dancers, so they need to wear makeup to help enhance and bring out their natural features. See the Hair and Makeup section in your recital handbook for more details.  If you have any concerns about your child wearing makeup, feel free to reach out to us -

Q: When do I get my Recital T-Shirt if I ordered one?
A: At dress rehearsal or in class if they are available sooner.

Parents: Please locate FULL recital related details in your Recital Handbooks! These have been emailed out to you and are available inside your DSPro account.