Ballet Positions

Coloring Book and Guide

Review and practice your ballet positions and color the pages!


Stretching should be a part of your daily routine to maintain flexibility and reduce the chance for injury. Be sure to do a quick warm up of jogging in place or jumping jacks before stretching. Be sure to tag us in your photos!

Dance Makes the World Go Round!

Coloring Page

Color your page and tell use why YOU love to dance! We can't wait to hang them up when the studio is back in action.

Dance Coloring Book

Coloring Book & Guide

Color your guide and practice your dance skills!

Have a Dance Party!

Put on a favorite song and have a dance party in your living room!  Don't forget to tag us in your pictures and videos!⁠

Unicorn and Rainbows

Coloring Page

Enjoy this unicorn and rainbows coloring sheet. Dancing with your feet is one thing. Dancing with your heart is another.


Coloring Page

Show us your arabesque! Arabesque means a line. While supported on one leg, the other leg is extended straight behind.


Coloring Page

The butterfly effect theory says that, one small act can affect big change. Includes positive statements: Be a helpful hero, include everyone, gratitude, courage, leader, make a difference, spread your wings, confident, and inspired.



Coloring Page

Show us your passé. Passé means to pass. A movement that requires the working leg to have its foot pointed to the side of the supporting leg's knee.

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